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god bless america
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glympses of america pre-i-phone.
bushwick to austin
boston to greenpoint
levittown to denver
shot on film
edition of one

i visited nyc in 1980 and instantly knew this is where i belonged. i then moved to nyc in 1984 via a greyhound bus with one suitcase, a portfolio and the frank sinatra song in my heart.

1985 to 2004
i developed a style of photography inspired by dada and surrealism, looking to invoke the feeling of glass plates, distressed prints, like you could find at a garage sale.

the look of my black and white prints were ancient but the subjects where the most current illumines of the downtown art world and club scene. pop culture americana meets the early 1900's.
my photographs were exhibited in galleries and i was working commercially for various publications, music labels and agencies.

2002 to 2005
i photographed a series on bushwick and washington, new hampshire. i began my exploration as a color photographer, only shooting film in the luminous rich light of the magic hour....twilight.

2005 to 2010
i continued a more personal exploration of documenting americana culture with film and digital. focusing on teenage culture in small towns and more local, the nomad travelers, lovers and friends.

2010 to 2014
i opened, with my partner claire fleury, strange loop gallery in the les nyc. we curated 15 exhibitions with varied themes focused on glam/ queer/ trans/ feminist/ pop. claire and i created a completely different environmental installation for each exhibition using alternative lighting, sound, and varied wall textures and patterns.

currently i am working on a series i call the "electric eclectic beauties of the glorious nightlife". i am focusing on portraits of the bushwick drag, performers, shape shifters, transcenders of light.

my photographs have been published in the new york times, newsweek, time, new york, rolling stone, aperture, exit, pdn.

i have received commissions for projects with cooper-hewitt design museum, kodak, nike, adidas, mtv, sony, columbia, atlantic records, warner brothers, knopf, random house, penguin.

select exhibitions: jack tilton gallery, new york; wessel o'connor gallery, new york; leslie-lohman museum of gay and lesbian art, new york; aperture gallery, new york; new york art directors club; abc no rio, new york; bullet space, new york.

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