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timothy lynch

in timothy's freshman year in art school his wise teacher joo chung said, "if you don't have to be here, leave now because being an artist is a rough life, and your grandma isn't here to tell you how great your drawings are anymore." joo said this with a straight face but it still makes timothy laugh to this day.
when timothy received a bachelor degree in fine arts from the school of visual arts he considered himself a painter. for years he sat in his studio (if you can call a tiny messy corner of your home a studio) and made work. it was insisted upon by others that he go to art openings and socialize, and to museums, catalogue all the work he made and have studio visits often…he must be in the know about what's happening in the "art world". doing this, working full time, and being a "painter" too was exhausting. it wasn't long before this lifestyle became unhealthy. and then one day timothy was using a photographic reference to make a painting, and he began to question why he needed so badly to be a painter…the photograph he held communicated all that was needed. why paint it? soon after this realization he developed a more intimate relationship with the subject matter of his works, asking the question, "what is this subject asking of me, if anything at all?" from here the mediums with which he worked expanded into photography, video art, sculpture, drawing, writing, etc. around this time he stopped going so frequently to "art" events, cataloguing his works, and having studio visits, realizing they were tiring him out and taking him away from the things in life that he truly values.

timothy is in search of the childlike qualities that made him pick up a pencil in the first place when he was a little boy. timothy also finds it very strange to write about himself in the 3rd person.

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