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the upanishads
philosophy talk by professor rao

sunday, oct. 5th
3:30 to 5:30
suggested donation: $30
the shala union square

the shala is honored to be presenting vidvan nagaraj rao for the first time. one of india's most highly esteemed masters of yogic studies, decorated by the president of india, professor rao's infectious passion and his ability to communicate indian philosophy with humor, beauty and simplicity has won the heart of everyone who has met him. professor rao will teach us the crest jewels of vedanta –the isha and keno upanishads. the upanishads are a collection of vedic texts which contain the earliest emergence of some of the central spiritual concepts of hinduism, buddhism and jainism. verse from the isha upanishad that is complete, this is complete, from completeness comes completeness. if completeness is taken away, only completeness remains.

this is an incredible opportunity to learn from a master and experience a taste of india's ancient wisdom from the very best, without traveling to india!! not to be missed. sign up today!

vidvan prof h.v. nagaraja rao holds an m.a. from the university of washington, and also from the university of mysore, alankara vidvat and vyakarana vidvat in sanskrit from the maharaja's sanskrit college in mysore. he has received the highest recognition for his work in sanskrit poetry from the president of india. he is also a visiting professor of sanskrit at the university of chicago in 1995, 1996 and 2001, a fellow at the center for advanced studies at the hebrew university, jerusalem and the honorary editor for sudharma sanskrit daily, the only publication of its kind worldwide. professor rao has an uncanny ability to bring new light to texts such as the gita and the upanishads with his infectious passion and his ability to communicate in english, which is rare among sanskrit scholars of his stature. students leave his presentations with a feeling of liberation from the mundane and inspiration to strive for higher goals in life.













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