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yoga therapy: lower back
with joe miller

october 7, 1:35-2:50pm
introduction: spinal anatomy and lower back pain

october 14, 1:35-2:50pm
disk problems

october 21, 1:35-2:50pm
other causes of lower pain pain,
including stenosis and spondylolisthesis

$25 for single
$65 for series
the shala union square
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chances are, like most people, you occasionally suffer from lower back pain. yoga can help,
but can also hurt. in these workshops, you'll learn about:

• the anatomy of the spine
• common causes of lower back pain
• how to modify your practice to prevent back pain
• poses that can help, as well as poses to avoid
• how to help yoga students with back pain

format is lecture and discussion. ideal for yoga teachers, practitioners and those with back pain.

taking a closer look: the jump back jump through playground
through the eyes of the great sage marichi

sunday, november 2
the shala union square
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please join us as we take a closer look at the powerful series of poses called the marichyasanas of the ashtanga vinyasa system. we will examine slowly how the poses come together, how to proceed into them with awareness and patience, and more particularly how they work in conjunction with and in contrast to the jump back/jump through transition in seated poses.














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