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celebrate mother earth with maria cutrona and abby sher
saturday, april 26th
the shala fort greene
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using the practices of yoga to release and meditation to still and quite the mind for deep listening we will then take pen to page. these timed writing sessions will be followed with an opportunity to share our pieces.workshop will include a 20 minute yoga practice, meditation and an hour of writing in timed sessions. please bring pen and a journal to write in. no writing experience required.

maria cutrona: mother of two, wife, yogi ,teacher,dancer,urban dweller, artist, lover of nature and student of love, maria graduated from the conquering lion yoga teaching training program in 2008 and never looked back. beloved by students far and wide for her beautiful, loving, clear-eyed understanding of exactly what it takes to set your heart free. for her complete teaching schedule log onto

abby sher: dreamer, dancer, mud-pie maker, author, about to give birth to her third child with her best friend. it is such an honor to learn from her teachers and explore all avenues between breath and ball-point pen. to read any of abby's books or articles, visit

joe miller's yoga therapy workshop on the hamstring
tuesday, april 29th
$25 or use your class card
the shala union square

hamstring tendon injuries—aka "yoga butt"—are a source of frustration and
pain for many yogis. in this workshop, you'll learn about:

• the anatomy of the hamstrings
• what causes hamstring injuries and how to prevent them
• what to do about an injury if you have one
• how to modify your practice to promote healing
• workshop format is lecture and discussion.

great for yoga and movement teachers,
yoga practitioners and those who are coping with
a hamstring injury.

pranayama + sukham: vital energy + good space
a pranayama and restorative workshop with alystyre julian

sunday, may 4th
12-1:45 p.m.
the shala union square
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pranayama is practiced consciously, to free or open up the breath, creating vibrancy
in the cells. restorative yoga practice uses yoga props to support a deepening ease
in asanas to regenerate your energies, and bring a sense of spaciousness in the body and mind.
alystyre will guide you through a yummy restorative yoga sequence, conducive to practicing
pranayama techniques, and other breath experiments as developed by carola speads ("ways to
better breathing")and jessica wolff ("the art of breathing"). throughout the class we will emphasize
the exhalation, and the unified movement of the breath.

alystyre julian has practiced yoga for over 25 years. she has taught group classes and private
yoga sessions in new york (and paris 2002-3) for over 15 years. she currently teaches
at four yogaworks locations, and privately. in 2000, she was certified to teach jivamukti yoga.
she incorporates 20 years studying pranayama and iyengar yoga with genny kapuler;
8 years practicing the ashtanga primary series with eddie stern, and k. pattabhi jois. her alternative
bodywork studies have included "yoga for fertility" and "restorative yoga" with jeanne-marie derrick;
"ways of better breathing" with carola speads; and most recently "the art of breathing" with jessica
wolff. alystyre is also a writer/director, making the documentary film outrider, about poet performer
anne waldman
and the outrider poet tradition.

joe miller's yoga therapy workshop on the knee joint
sunday, may 11th
$25 or use your class card
the shala union square

forcing yourself into lotus can be risky for your
knees. this workshop will give you the knowledge
to approach the pose more safely. you will learn:

• about the anatomy of your knee
• how the menisci and ligaments of your knee work and how lotus can put stress on them
• how to come into lotus more safely
• how to modify the pose if you have an injury

great for yoga teachers, students and those who are struggling with lotus.
workshop format will be lecture and discussion.

finding happiness within: reconnecting with our natural state of mind
a meditation workshop with orgyen chowang rinpoche
sunday, may 18th
$25 suggested donation
the shala union square
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when we experience stress, anxiety, unhappiness or any other form of discomfort, our
mind is not in its natural state. by learning how to reconnect with our true nature we can
discover the happiness that lies within us and that is, in fact, the very essence of who
we are.

in this afternoon program, meditation master orgyen chowang rinpoche will introduce
buddhist methods for working with mind through meditation in order to experience our
natural state of happiness and inner peace.

no previous background with meditation is necessary.

about orgyen chowang rinpoche:
orgyen chowang rinpoche is a meditation master in the nyingma lineage of the buddhist
tradition. he studied for ten years at lharang gar in serta, eastern tibet, with his teacher, the
great jigmed phuntsok rinpoche, who is widely acknowledged as one of the greatest dzogchen
meditation masters of the 20th century. orgyen chowang rinpoche lives in the san francisco bay
area and is the founder and spiritual director of pristine mind foundation, an organization
dedicated to helping people live fully, die fearlessly, and transform every area of their lives. he is
currently writing his first book as well as traveling throughout north america speaking on
meditation and spirituality.

for more information on orgyen chowang rinpoche visit

indian philosophy and mythology, and you:
it's ancient but it's always new.
special series of themed classes with james boag

saturday, june 21, 12:00-1:45pm and 6-8:00pm
sunday, june 22, 12:00-1:45pm and 6-8:00pm
saturday, june 28, 12:00-1:45pm and 6-8:00pm
sunday, june 29, 12:00-1:45pm and 6-8:00pm
the shala union square

saturday 21 june
12:00-1:45: themed talk: it all begins with ganesa
-introduction to indian mythology and symbolism in the context of yoga. -how come there are so many deities when indian philosophy suggests the supreme is only one?
-ganesa in relation to siva and sakti, consciousness and its power
-what does ganesa mean and symbolise and what's it got to do with me and my practice?
-how did ganesa get his name? why is he worshiped first?
-why does he have an elephant's head?
-ganesa as a symbol of the whole course and goal of yoga
-duality, unity, yoga and the power of love
-ganesa as a guiding archetype for practice

2 hour evening session
solstice themed kirtan celebrate the summer solstice and bathe in the deep-cleansing power
of sound in this special a capella kirtan

sunday 22 june
12:00-1:45: the ramayana and you
the aditya hrdayam, saluting the sun and working with the cycles of nature

2 hour evening session: practical patanjali: weaving harmony into our lives with key teachings from
chapter one of the yoga sutra-s

saturday 28 june
12:00-1:45: krsna and the bhagavad gita

2 hour evening session:
three is a magic number. focus on the foundation principles of yoga practice as set forth by patanjali in the yoga sutra-s. what do tapas, svadhyaya and isvara-pranidhana really mean and what can they mean for our life and practice? paths of yoga. how three into one does go.

sunday 29 june
12:00-1:45: siva nataraja - the lord of the dance:
yoga and the art of living and dying

2 hour evening session:
the glorious practice of kirtan











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