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ron reid and marla meenakshi joy
for teachers and students of all levels

shala union square
$35 each and $190 for all six
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friday, dec 19th: 6:30-8:00pm
stand tall: finding your way in standing poses

standing poses help us to build sthira or stamina and stability and therefore form the foundation or our asana practice. they also help to both build strength and increase flexibility in our legs. in this workshop we will learn the basics for adjusting all standing poses by focussing on key principles of alignment that can either enhance or hinder our ability to go deeper injury free.

saturday, dec 20th: 12:00-2:00pm
yoga jam/ashtanga remix

one london writer described this class as an "ashtanga re-mix". yoga jam is a yoga class devoted to the spirit of improvisation. we will find new and exciting ways to energize our practice by exploring new variations and unique ways of combining them. by weaving the theme of vinyasa through new and familiar poses, we will open the door to spontaneous exploration. inspiration will be drawn from 1st, 2nd and 3rd series.

saturday, dec 20th: 2:30-4:30pm
finding common ground: the seated poses of the primary series

asymmetry is at the root of many injuries in yoga. in this workshop we will look for common ground in the seated poses of the primary series. by emphasizing correct alignment in the spine we can learn to see and feel areas of challenge more commonly found in the joints and how to make the most of these poses. we will explore hip openers as a way of taking pressure off of the knees and how adjustments can play a key role in guiding students to an injury free practice.

sunday, dec 21st: 8:00-10:00am
mysore ashtanga

sunday, dec 21st: 12:00-2:00pm
balancing act: the key to understanding backbends

backbends present an interesting challenge to us both as practitioners and teachers. in order to go deeper we must first establish a balance between areas of the spine that have lesser or greater mobility. for example the lumbar has much greater mobility than the thoracic area of the spine. if we first stabilize the lower lumbar region then we can effectively focus on and create more mobility in the mid to upper thoracic area. we will see that by employing this as a strategy whether we are practicing or adjusting then we can find more balance throughout the whole spinal region.

sunday, dec 21st: 2:30-4:30pm
finishing school: head and shoulders

shirshasana, or the headstand, has long been known as the "king of asana's". by inverting the flow of oxygen rich blood to the crown of the head, and "standing tall", the brain function is stimulated. shoulder stand, similarly, can be considered the "queen of asana's" with its nourishing effect on the thyroid, which has many overall health benefits. by balancing the work of the arms, shoulders, neck and head (in some cases requiring addition support) the significant benefits of these key finishing poses can be maximized. for the closing sequence in between these two postures, we will explore the full range of movement...that stretches, strengthens and elongates the neck and upper back.

the shala welcomes back lisa schrempp!
shala union square
$30 each and $80 for all three
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friday, january 2: 7 to 9pm
ayurveda and yoga: sister practices (lecture only)

this class will include a brief intro to ayurveda and practices for healing through specific herbs , anti-stiff/anti-aging daily routine tips, eating to support joy and ease in our larger planetary bodies and nourishing foods for mind, all of which can enhance and create more space and joy in the yoga practice.

saturday january 3, 2015: 12 to 2
ayurveda 101
(lecture only)
ayurveda is a science of health, wealth, pleasure and freedom. it can be applied as a healing salve at anytime of the day, season and time of life to rejuvenate and regenerate one's ability to connect to nature. the connection to nature is the basic and blessed gift that can be anyones' passage to deeper bond with all living beings. this bond is benevolent and sustainable to mother earth and the best chance one has to longevity that equally honors others in the process. join lisa to learn the foundation of this great science and how it can guide one on a daily journey that nurtures health and spirit.

sunday, january 4: 12 to 2
asana and ayurveda (lecture and asana practice)

knowing your ayurvedic constitution ( unique mind-body type) benefits your practice of asana. understanding of your nature gives you an edge to the practice of yoga that achieves your personal best without stress and strain. the " no pain no gain motto" for achievement is out dated and is redefined by ayurveda as "less is more". in the bhagavad gita lord krishna tells arjuna, the great warrior the secret to success "first establish yourself in being, then perform action."
in this asana class we will explore the cycle of the asana, entering, staying and after asana state. how the form of mind linked with breath can be and is a continual act of harmony with nature.

basic yoga philosophy lecture with ruth lauer-manenti
sunday, january 11th, 3:30 to 6:30pm
the shala union square

the practice of yoga asana belongs to a much larger philosophy with guidelines, principals and practicalities that bring out and fulfill our yearning for spiritual knowledge. this lecture will touch on the greater context of yoga beyond asana thru looking at poetic verses from old texts that include dialogues between 2 birds, a man and his son, teacher and student, wave and ocean, god and man/ woman. open to all levels....
















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