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kevin gardiner is back from budapest!
wednesday, July 23rd - 2 to 4 standing poses: virabadrasana 3
wednesday, July 30th - 2 to 4 forward extensions and twisting poses: bharadvajasana and marichasanas
wednesday, august 6th 2 to 4 inversions and backbends: vrksasana, mayurasanas, salabhasana, ustrasana
the shala union square
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kevin gardiner, a native new yorker, began studying yoga in 1970 and has been teaching iyengar yoga since 1982. he was a co-founder of the iyengar institute of greater new york serving on it's executive committee and in various leadership roles continuously since it's inception. he now holds a senior intermediate i teaching certificate.

his teaching is highly detailed and textured, seamlessly incorporating many components of yoga philosophy and the sutras, while continuously challenging students to gain greater sensitivity and awareness in each asana. he has a tremendous pracaitcal understanding of the living anatomy of the human body, and a lighthearted and off-beat sense of humor.

cooking club with bibi
vegan dressings: balance and structure
sunday, july 27th
$45 (registration by friday july 25th)
the shala union square
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whatever diet belief system you follow,
no matter what your kitchen expertise is,
how you dress your food makes meal planning easier
and your meals tastier.

we will discuss how to:
- make delicious vegan dressings
- set up your fridge with variety
- use dressings to make quick, easy, balanced and varied meals
- structure your plate
- create balance on your plate

class includes:
- a meal
- a hands on demo of 3 or more dressings
- q&a on optimized meal planning
- discussion on balance and structure in vegetarian cooking

vinyasa upaya workshop with david regelin
surya namaskar and standing postures as a foundational skill for vinyasa practice
sunday, august 3rd
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upaya: a skillful, functional, or effective means, method, or process.
vinyasa: to place in a special way.

vinyasa yoga can be exhilarating, energizing, and strengthening, or agitating, exhausting and injurious depending on the skill with which you practice.

this workshop is designed to equip the student with all of the necessary techniques that lead towards a fluid and buoyant experience of their vinyasa practice by learning to master surya namaskar a&b, and a standing series.

the following topics will be addressed:

range and dynamic movement-
develop the prerequisite flexibility and stability students must have in order to transition efficiently between postures and minimize impact.

breath and bandha-
the secret to lightness lies in the subtle coordination of breath with both rhythmic and precise movement. learn a variety of specific breathing techniques that will put a bounce in your hop forward and back.

rhythm and visualization-
the rhythm makes the magic happen. after tuning the body as an instrument, we practice along with drums that coordinate all of the skills described above.

paths from patanjali and august forward bends:
a two hour workshop with margi young, former senior teacher from OM yoga
sun, august 17th
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in the first book of patanjali's yoga sutras, there is a list of suggestions to help you quiet a restless, agitated mind and attain a level of stability and clarity. patanjali observes that different tricks work for different dogs so instead of being dogmatic, he doles out the ideas like a menu. take what works for you, and no pressure to follow every rule.

the workshop will start with a discussion of these instrumental sutras, and then then take the teachings into our asanas with a focus on introspective forward bends. the practice will conclude with a deep relaxation.












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