Courtney Stapleford

Courtney started practicing yoga over ten years ago, not knowing at the time that her gym-credit college yoga class would eventually turn into a life’s passion. After dabbling in many different styles and schools of yoga, Courtney completed her 200 hour training with Kula Yoga Project in 2020 and most recently her 300 hour with The Shala. Courtney’s approach to her classes is breath-focused, non-dogmatic, and empathic, with an emphasis on creative sequencing grounded in the principles of Ashtanga. Her goal is to create space for students to move from the gross to the subtle and investigate ways to draw inward, keeping in mind that the ultimate goals of yoga are not meant to be confined to the mat; an individuals’ journey inward must ultimately lead back outward toward engagement with community. As a licensed social worker, Courtney firmly believes that a bio-psycho-social-spiritual lense is necessary in order to fully understand a person and aims to incorporate elements of yoga into her therapeutic interventions. Deep bows to her teachers at The Shala and Kula and so many others who have touched her heart and helped light her path.