Danny Johnston

Danny johnston has been studying yoga for 15 years and has been a meditation practitioner for 10. In 2009 he met Amma, mata amritandamayi devi, or “the hugging saint”, and was very taken. For the last 9 years he has been traveling with, living in her ashram, and volunteering for her programs around the world. He is also a student of Buddhism, going on silent retreats at insight meditation center in Barre, Massachusetts when he can. As a student of yoga, he began his studies with Barbara and Kristen at the Shala, and has had the opportunity to study with many learned teachers in India and around the world. Danny truly believes in the power of yoga and meditation as transformative tools that help us become more and more free, free with others, free with ourselves, and free in our minds. He loves eggplant Parmesan, banana splits, and metta (loving kindness) meditation.