erik sniedze

erik received his yoga training certification at the shala under barbara and kristin in 2011. years before, he began practicing yoga as a personal trainer. he was initially interested in yoga as an exercise modality, balancing strength and flexibility as a way to prevent injury and maintain physical health. searching for the source of vinyasa yoga he found ashtanga at the shala. since 2012, erik has been a daily ashtanga yogi, traveling around the world studying with the most senior teachers. he started in mysore, india to practice with r. sharath and saraswati jois at kpjayi (three seasons) and spent a year practicing with andrew hillam in encinitas. he has received over 1000 hours of yoga teaching certifications, notably training with richard freeman and mary taylor, and tim miller. he feels blessed to continue studying the mysore ashtanga method as taught by guruji with his mentors at the shala.