keren hawkins

where there is movement, there is life. movement has been part of my life since i can remember, i was always moving. i did dance, gymnastics, different types of martial arts but i really started finding my balance when i started pilates. learning and understanding the importance of our core changed a lot for me. i deepened my understanding even more when i discovered yoga, then i realized how important the connection between the mind and body is and how necessary it is to our well being. with the combination of both, i feel i’m on the right path, finding a true balance of mind and body. my mission is to share my experience with others. keren’s classes emphasis on the center, on our core with challenging vinyasa-ashtanga sequences. playing with finding balance through opposition, trying to achieve quietness and true relaxation in our body and mind. keren completed the first teacher training program at the shala under the guidance of kristin leigh and barbara verrochi, she is grateful to them both for their care, love and wise teaching that helped her become a better teacher.