Maria cutrona

Maria’s first introduction to the sattvic sweetness of yoga was by her dear brother Sada Sat Singh Khalsa and his beloved wife Sada Sat Kaur both Kundalini devotees and long time students of the late great Yogi Bhajan.

It was on the mat that Maria learnt it wasn’t the title you used to define yourself, nor the kind of work you performed that mattered. What mattered most was the quality of your mind and the truth you live.

Being a mother of two, a wife, a yogi, a student, teacher,dancer, business woman, urban dweller, lover of nature and art, aspirational artist, Maria is devoted to the daily practice of bringing equipoise and breath to each moment. The gift of this practice is in connecting to our relevance something which contrary to popular culture doesn’t have to be proven. It just is.

Maria practices ashtanga yoga and blends this tradition into the vinyasa classes she leads. Her sequencing is flowing and challenging. Classes consist of Sanskrit chanting, meditation, breath awareness, hands on alignment, relaxation and eclectic music.

Maria leads workshops and retreats throughout the NY area and beyond. For more information go to