shevy katan

In a time where it becomes challenging to pull ourselves away from our many screens, our yoga practice becomes the opportunity to quietly return home to our bodies and settle within ourselves. To simply check in with how we are doing, moment to moment, Shevy has learned, is a small, but necessary act of resistance to the many systems of oppression.
Shevy turned to yoga as a respite from a toxic work culture while working in the fashion industry. She soon discovered how the 8 limb practice was a roadmap on how to move in our world ethically, with compassion, and clarity.
Shevy is most interested in the intersection of the yoga practice with social justice and racial equity work and how our liberation is interdependent. She loves whales, unicorns and has an affinity for magic and shiny objects. Several bows to all her teachers, past and present, I am woven by your many wisdoms.