ashtanga at the shala

Ashtanga yoga is a precise, therapeutic method of yoga well-suited to students of all ages, skill levels, and states of health. the word “ashtanga” translates as “the eight-limbed path,” which is described by patanjali in the yoga sutras.

Mysore | All Levels: A traditional, personalized, progressive approach to yogasana, Mysore Ashtanga is a set sequence learned and memorized over time with the guidance of a teacher and with respect to the practitioner’s abilities and requirements. This subtle and vigorous method builds physical strength, improves flexibility, and increases mental clarity and agility.  If you are new to Mysore, please write to us at before starting!

Led Primary | Level 2-3: Students are guided through the full Ashtanga Primary Series to the cadence of the traditional Sanskrit count. Suitable for intermediate and advanced students. Vinyasa students are welcome! No Ashtanga experience necessary.

Half Primary | All Levels: Like Led Ashtanga Primary Series, but half! The sequence pauses after Navasana (Boat Pose) and wraps up with backbends, finishing postures, and savasana. Vinyasa students are welcome! No Ashtanga experience necessary.

Half Primary + Half Intermediate | Level 2-3: An equal blend of fortifying Ashtanga Primary and uplifting Intermediate. Practice Primary up through Navasana and unfold into the thorough hip-opening and deep backbending of Half Intermediate. Appropriate for intermediate and advanced students. Vinyasa students are welcome. No Ashtanga experience necessary.

Short Form | All Levels (Kristin): In this class we will practice the two types of sun salutations, standing poses, seated poses from the Ashtanga Primary Series, and finishing postures. (Barbara): In this class we will practice a combination of postures from the Ashtanga Primary and Intermediate series. It is suitable for all levels, including those who are interested in an abbreviated practice or those who are looking to develop a regular daily routine. Vinyasa students are welcome, no Ashtanga experience necessary. 

Moon Days
(no Mysore practice on new and full moon)

wednesday 13 – new
thursday 28 – full

thursday 11 – new
saturday 27 – full

saturday 13 – new
sunday 28 – full

sunday 11 – new
monday 26 – full

tuesday 11 – new
wednesday 26 – full

thursday 10 – new
thursday 24 – full

friday 9 – new
friday 23 – full

sunday 8 – new
sunday 22 – full

monday 6 – new
monday 20 – full

wednesday 6 – new
wednesday 20 – full

thursday 4 – new
friday 19 – full

saturday 4 – new
saturday 18 – full