vinyasa at the shala

Vinyasa is a moving meditation where each pose is strung together on the the thread of breath. At the Shala, vinyasa is shaped by the lineage of Ashtanga Yoga: economic, rigorous, and challenging.

Vinyasa Basics

Vinyasa | Basics is our basics-level class, designed for beginners or for intermediate and advanced students interested in revisiting the underlying architecture of the postures we encounter in faster-paced, flowing vinyasa classes. Some Vinyasa 1 classes focus on a simple, accessible, alignment-oriented introduction to foundational postures, while other sessions incorporate technique, strength and conditioning exercises, anatomical terminology, and supported restorative poses. All classes include rest (savasana). Students will learn how to make use of props, how to modify appropriately, and, most importantly, how to link breath and movement in a way that facilitates steadiness and ease in the nervous system.

All Levels

Vinyasa | All Levels classes are a well-rounded blend of alignment and fluid movement. Open to beginning practitioners with some knowledge of foundational postures (Surya Namaskar, standing and seated poses, backbends), as well as intermediate and advanced practitioners interested in moving in a gentler and more precise way. Guidance will be provided regarding safe alignment, strength-building, joint stabilization, and proper breathing technique.

Intermediate Level

vinyasa | 2 = Intermediate Level. Level 2 classes are a well-rounded blend of precise alignment and fluid movement suitable for students who are looking for a slightly gentler version of our classic level 2-3 classes. Intermediate-level preparation for advanced arm balances, backbends, and inversions may be offered. Come prepared to move and learn. Students should have at least 1 year of regular practice.

Intermediate/Advanced Level

vinyasa | 2-3 = Intermediate/Advanced Level. These are our classic old-school Shala vinyasa classes. You will flow continuously through strong, intelligent, and creative sequences, building strength, stamina, and a sense of ease along the way. Classes may work on specific areas of the body or move toward a peak pose; all classes end with deep relaxation. Level 2-3 classes are suitable for students with at least 1 year of regular practice. Leave feeling better than when you arrived.

All Levels + Restorative

Vinyasa | All Levels + Restorative classes take a mellow approach to breath-movement flow with a strong emphasis on rest, relaxation, and recovery from the go-go-go of daily life.  Half hour of slow and deep vinyasa, half hour of restorative postures.

Level 2-3 + Restorative

Vinyasa | 2-3 + Restorative = Intermediate/Advanced Levels. Vinyasa 2-3 + Restorative classes merge the rhythm of a strong breath-movement flow with optional restorative closing postures that promote deep release and optimal body-mind balance.

Wind Down | All Levels

A blend of vinyasa and restorative, Wind Down, ushers students into a state of deep relaxation following a laidback vinyasa (vinyasa = breath-directed movement from pose to pose). Perfect for students seeking relief from the demands of daily life.

Slow/Down | All Levels

Slow and steady (moderately challenging) vinyasa builds heat followed by yin (deep release), restorative (deep rest), and meditation. A thorough reboot for the nervous system. All levels welcome. Veterans practice free.

Strength + Stability

Vinyasa | Strength + Stability, Intermediate Level. Vinyasa is a moving meditation where each pose is strung together on the the thread of breath. At the Shala, vinyasa is shaped by the lineage of Ashtanga Yoga: economic, rigorous, and challenging. The Shala’s Vinyasa Strength + Stability classes combine classic flow and efficient, challenging exercises to target specific muscle groups and energetic lines in the body (bandhas). In addition to traditional yoga postures, students will explore movements culled from physical therapy, Pilates, and similar fitness disciplines. Enjoy a rigorous and playful class.