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The Shala Book Club

Parable of the Talents by Octavia Butler
*This is a sequel; it is recommended that you read Parable of the Sower first!

Saturday, September 19, 2020
Free and open to all!
Live and online via Zoom
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Sit With It: A Monthly Meditation + Discussion Series

Topic for our next meeting: Power with Glenda Carpio, Barbara & Melanie

One saturday a month, Saturday, June 20th, 6:00 to 7:30
$10 or Class cards
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In these gatherings, we will focus on a meaningful topic through discussion, readings, and meditation. We will turn inward to observe thoughts and feelings, and together consider how meditation practice can lay the groundwork for skillful action. The themes of privilege and justice will underpin and inform all of our conversations.

Organized and hosted by Barbara and Melanie, with monthly guest speakers.

  • Next Sit With It: Saturday, June 20: Power with Glenda Carpio, Barbara & Melanie

About Glenda: Glenda R. Carpio is Professor of African and African American Studies and English at Harvard University and an avid practitioner of Ashtanga yoga.

Full series:

  • Saturday, November 9: Joy with Barbara & Melanie
  • Saturday, December 7: Remembering with Aimee Cox & Lauren Benson
  • Saturday, January 25: Compassion with Ashley and Maria Cutrona
  • Saturday, February 15: Listening with Annie, Barbara & Melanie
  • Saturday, April 18: Equanimity with Sasha, Braeden, & Melanie
  • Saturday, May 30: Adaptation with Barbara & Melanie
  • Saturday, June 20: Power with Glenda Carpio, Barbara & Melanie
**This series was inspired by “Inwards” .