The Shala Buddhist Studies

 October 2024-2025 

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The Shala Buddhist Studies program focuses on:

  • Immersive study of Buddhist history, lineage, and The Buddha's teachings.
  • Deepening your own meditation practice and applying Buddhist principles to everyday life.
  • Group sits.

Teachers' Track

  • The Teachers' Track is offered for those interested in leading meditation or teaching others.
  • The teachers’ track is suitable for therapists, social workers, yoga teachers, educators, health care professionals, householders, and anyone seeking to integrate teaching meditation into their lives and/or professions. 


Sharon Salzberg, Dr. Constance Kassor, Kate Johnson, Barbara Verrochi + Kristin Leigh

COURSE OUTLINE + SCHEDULE  for 2023-2024 - Drop ins welcome!

History of Yoga, Philosophy & Discussion | Connie Kassor
Philosophy, Meditation, Q & A | Sharon Salzberg
Philosophy (Brahmaviharas) & Meditation | Kate Johnson
Meditation, Teacher Track & Group Discussions | Barbara Verrochi & Kristin Leigh


The Shala’s orientation toward meditation is informed by the teachings of preeminent teachers Sharon Salzberg, Pema Chodron, Joseph Goldstein, and Sebene Selassie.

 TUITION for 2024-2025 TBA, below is 2023-2024

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Drop-in: $35 Constance Kassor & Sharon Salzberg
Drop-in $70: Kate Johnson
Drop-in $25: Barbara Verrochi & Kristin Leigh
Full Course: $580 - Register
Full Course + Teachers' Track: $1200 - Register
Recordings will be available.
Scholarships offered | inquire


  • Experiential learning
    • Study and interpret texts
    • Write and deliver dharma talks
    • Lead sitting groups 
    • Meet in small groups for practice, practice teaching, community involvement, and home study between monthly group meetings
  • Practical skill-building
    • Apply Buddhist philosophy and practices in developing meditations for field of study or profession 
    • Develop confidence, voice, and an authentic approach to teaching 
    • Learn adaptive methods for facilitating classes for a variety of audiences
  • Flexible application
    • Explore how to bring the dharma into everyday life at work, at home, and in community
    • Expand access to underserved populations 
  •  Includes once monthly:
    • Meetings with lead teachers
    • Meetings with peers
    • Scripted meditations based on teachings from Wednesday evenings
  • Time commitment: Daily meditation practice, attending Buddhist Studies classes, one monthly meeting with teachers, and one monthly meeting with peers.