Abdi Assadi is a spiritual counselor and healer in his 35th year of clinical practice. His work centers on helping his patients use their disease and dysfunction as a doorway to spiritual serenity. Through his decades of practice, he has learned that identifying and integrating the human shadow – those disowned or repressed puzzle pieces of self that wreak havoc in our lives – offers the most lasting healing for what ails us in body, mind, and spirit. He has studied Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese acupuncture, body centered psychotherapy, external and internal martial arts, indigenous shamanic practices as well as diverse meditative techniques. He believes we should live in this transient world as fully as possible.


A Healer’s Handbook: A Guide for the Beginner Practitioner presents three and a half decades of clinical experience distilled into a practical and easy-to-use esoteric guidebook.

This book offers a pared-down examination of the therapeutic process while highlighting how self- reflection is crucial when engaging the healing realm, regardless of the modality. There is great responsibility in being called to tend to the needs of another. To become a clear enough channel to be of service, one must stare into the mirror.

This work applies to a myriad of healing modalities on the body-mind-spirit continuum: bodywork, psychotherapeutic arts, spiritual healing, or a mix thereof, and includes acupuncturists, massage therapists, yoga teachers, social workers, psychotherapists, energy healers, and life coaches.

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