We are excited to be hosting a benefit class for Circle of Health International. Circle of Health International is doing great work with women around the world in times of crisis to ensure access to reproductive, maternal, and newborn care. Some of the places they have worked include: Haiti, Nicaragua, Afghanistan, Texas, Oklahoma, Sri Lanka, Tibet, Philippines and Israel.

Class will be int/adv and restorative and taught by Kristin, Julianna, Annie Piper and Barbara. Seth Lieberman will be playing music and Sera Bonds, the Executive Director of Circle of Health will be there to say a few words about the work they do and where they do it. 

Learn more about Circle of Health at their website, cohintl.org

Circle of Health International’s is taking donations for this Mother’s Day to be used to provide life-saving care for mothers in Nicaragua, Haiti, and in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas. Here is how you can participate:

Step 1: Make a donation to COHI.

Step 2: Let COHI know the name of the mother YOU are honoring in your donation by tagging @circleofhealth (instagram) and/or #COHIntl (twitter) and Circle of Health International (Facebook) with a photo of the mama you are honoring.

Step 3: Share on YOUR social media the news of the donation you made, and invite others to do so.