A weekly class 1:30 -3:30 on Mondays in October to explore dream work for artists or anyone interested in deep exploration of the unconscious. Whether you’re an actor working on a character, a writer germinating a new idea, or just someone looking for some creative continuity, dream work provides an opportunity to engage with your own material and see where it intersects with your work/life/past/unconscious. We will work with breath, the body, movement, and guided explorations into the imagination. No previous familiarity with dream work is required; this is simply about getting to know new parts of your brain. You can come in with a dream written down, a character you want to work with, an idea for a movie or play or book, or you can just show up and see where the work takes you. You will not to be asked to perform. This class is based on creative dream work done by Kim Gillingham and Marion Woodman and years of shamanic and Jungian practice.
You can sign up ahead of time or just walk in. Show up every week or drop in at any point in the season. Starting off with introductory rate $20. Always email with any questions msemcass@aol.com.