Lesley Desaulniers has been studying yoga and meditation since 1996. In her early twenties, Lesley was a resident at Ananda Ashram in upstate New York, where she intensively studied Sanskrit, meditation, philosophy, yoga, and chanting. She was later certified by Sharon Gannon and David Life and went on to teach at the Jivamukti Yoga Center in downtown Manhattan. Lesley is deeply inspired by the brilliant teachers Kristin Leigh and Barbara Verrochi.

Ambika will be leading chanting to accompany the yoga class, as well as leading the class in call and response chanting after the Vinyasa portion of the practice.

Ambika has been a singer and musician for most of her life, playing in various bands in NYC until she discovered chanting with Krishna Das in 1995. Kirtan had a profound effect on her, and lead her to India where she met her teacher and Spiritual Mother, Shri Siddhi Ma. As Ambika deepened her connection to the practice of chanting, it became her home and refuge.