​You can develop a regular meditation practice. And ​if you want to live with more ease, ​focus, creativity or joy, you really should! ​M​ost of us get discouraged because we have erroneous notions about what ​meditation is​ “supposed to​​“​ be.​  Drawing on ancient texts, modern science, and her own years of daily meditation practice, Aaron will help you dissolve any preconceived notions that may be blocking you, and help equip you with powerful tools for taking the life-changing journey inward.

Among the resources you will discover over the 4 weeks: 

• Accessible techniques for stilling the mind and making meditative states possible.

• A list of classic obstacles that pop up for new mediators and advice about how to move beyond them.

• Access to guided meditations and other tools to help you do your own home practice.

• Aaron’s support via email and phone for questions that arise between the sessions.

• A community to hold you accountable for reaching your goals and to bolster your efforts for those 4 weeks and beyond!

Aaron has stu​died ​with masters of various ​meditation ​traditions from around the world​ and tested all of the wisdom she found “out there” against her own inner compass. ​She has ultimately ​come to an exuberant and non-dogmatic embracing of every human’s access to Truth through stillness, sincerity and fearless exploration. She teaches weekly​ ​meditation ​and yoga ​classes and has helped ​dozens of students successfully develop a ​lasting and ​satisfying home practice. For more information  about her visit diasyoga.com.