In retrospect, Aaron couldn’t escape becoming a yoga teacher. From her childhood training in theater, dance and song; to her adolescent obsession with spirituality in all forms; to her teenage talent for teaching and tutoring; to her enthusiastic absorption in philosophy studies as a college student and her predilection for hosting lively gatherings, all of the seemingly disparate roads led straight here.

Students keep coming back for her guided meditation experiences, her intelligent, challenging and creative flow sequences, and her ability to disentangle esoteric philosophies so that their insights can be woven back into daily life.

By watching her own transformations over 15+ years of practice, and those of her students for the past 5, Aaron has come to a fierce conviction that every person has her own profound and unmediated access to universal wisdom. She has devoted her life to serving as a sweet-space-maker, sticky-obstacle-remover and mindful midwife for all those in search of Truth with a capital T.