Our bones and joints offer pathways for weight and force to travel through the body – allowing for movement and support at the same time.

In the first workshop we will learn the pathways in the spine, from the skull to the sacrum and tail. In the second workshop we will learn the pathways in the upper limbs and lower limbs, from hands and feet into the spine.
In both workshops we will explore simple movements to help find an internal sense of these pathways, and how these pathways might support an inner sense of alignment in asana.

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Amy Matthews, CMA, IDME, BMC Teacher, RSMT/RSME has been teaching movement since 1994. She is a Body-Mind Centering® Teacher, a Certified Laban Movement Analyst, an Infant Developmental Movement Educator, and a movement therapist and yoga teacher.
Amy was on the faculty of the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies for ten years and co-taught with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen for five years. She has taught embodied anatomy and movement workshops for programs in the United States and internationally, and is a Program Director for the School of Body-Mind Centering.
Amy co-authored with Leslie Kaminoff the best-selling book Yoga Anatomy, and is the Education Director of The Breathing Project in New York City, where both Amy and Leslie teach. Visit Amy’s website at www.embodiedasana.com