Ingredients and Prep:
You will need a half pound of unsalted butter ( preferably organic) , your heaviest small pot, a strainer and a jar for the ghee.
For the breakfast, we will be making Upma. You will need farina or Cream of Wheat, a small onion,a few chilies ( like a Thai chili or cayenne- dried will do). For the spices we will be using cumin seeds, mustard seeds, turmeric, hing, salt, curry leaves ( if you have them). Add ons will be peanuts or grated coconut, cilantro and lime.\\See you then. This particular recipe roasts the wheat, which helps to deactivate the gluten making it more digestible.

One last word on the recipe for this week. If you are opposed to using wheat you can substitute cornmeal, cream of rice or any finely milled grain cereal. It’s a pretty flexible recipe.