Starting this Tuesday and continuing for five classes, we’ll be looking into the shift from winter to spring. We will begin by considering the theories that form the basis for all of the practical aspects of a spring routine and diet. These classes will cover asana, pranayama, cooking, herbs, and remedies.
Ayurveda, the sister science to Yoga, offers a holistic way to think about health and nourishment. These classes explore the philosophical underpinnings of this beautifully practical and time-honored system.
March 9th: Cooking Class
March 9th, the Ayurvedic class will be in the kitchen. We will be preparing a light lunch or late breakfast and the soup ingredients should be easy to come by. My mother has asked me how to make something “Ayurvedic” using only the ingredients you have on hand and this recipe utilizes basic kitchen stuff. Time permitting, we’ll take a look at an easy dosa/ pancake that goes well with the soup.
Carrot, Ginger and Coriander Soup
1 lb. carrots ( approximately)
1 quart veg stock or water **
 1 Tb ghee or coconut oil
1- 2 inches of ginger, minced
Coriander seed powder ( you also can use the seeds)
Lemon juice
Salt, Black pepper
** This is the moment to investigate your vegetable drawer and boil up a bunch of things to make a stock. Candidates include: wilted lettuce, parsley , scallions, onion, mushrooms. Less ideal are cruciferous vegetables or any vegetable that imparts too distinct a flavor.
Note: This is a blender soup.
Chickpea Dosa/ Pancake
1 cup chickpea flour ( Bob’s Red Mill makes one)
3/4 cup water
Salt, Black pepper
Optional: Chopped scallion or chives; coriander leaf.