WHO ARE YOU, REALLY? When your mind becomes still, when your heart opens in love—who are you? Are you the beautifully unique combination of identities, characteristics, and experiences you were born with and shaped by in this lifetime? Are you something beyond, or in between, the seemingly separate conditions of the material world—an expression of primordial oneness, emptiness, and luminosity? According to the Buddha, you are both. And you are so much more. But don’t take his word for it.

Join Buddhist meditation teacher Kate Johnson for an experiential journey into the teachings of the Buddhadharma, and contemporary theories on identity and intersectionality, and walk away with your own understanding of who you really are, how we are all connected, and how Buddhist meditation can help us really know these things for ourselves. Each session will include dharma talks, meditation, partner work, journaling and quiet reflection, and restorative movement practices.