When: 5-7pm, Please arrive 4pm onwards to help with the Yantra’s creation.
What to bring: Pink Or Yellow Flowers.
Join Ambika and Sarah Tomlinson for the Yantra and Mantra Prosperity Ritual known as Siri Jyoti. Bring abundance to your love, health and wealth realms!
Sarah consecrates the space by mapping out the sacred Sri Yantra design on the ground. The shapes are filled with colored sand, flower petals and objects to adorn this Goddess Yantra. This is followed by a period of chanting with Ambika, guided meditation and movement.
Invoke and amplify your creative intentions in 2020 through this ancient ritual.
*A portion of tonight’s proceeds are going to our dear friend Beth Heyde’s family. Beth’s love for Yantra and Ritual will be celebrated by our time together. Beth recently left her body after a year long journey with pancreatic cancer, leaving behind her young baby daughter and husband Jon.