Fri eve
Detailing The Primary Series, Part I (Suryas – Navasana)
Sat morn
Detailing The Primary Series, Part II (Navasana – Utplutih)
Sat afternoon
Integrating Breath and Bandhas in Your Asana Practice
Sun Noon
Intro to Nadi Shodana – Demystifying the Intermediate Series

Sun afternoon 
Yoga Asana Play Book – The Body Mechanics

Your body is an integrated organism which functions as a whole. you change a bit, you change the whole. This workshop takes a broad look at essential body mechanics – how we balance better, how you can ease peripheral muscles and target core muscles, how to economize your energy while in full motion, how to feel energy versus muscle use, how to extract maximum benefit from your body in practice, what to think of pain, the difference between content and form, how to navigate yoga dogma versus personal experience as well as detailed alignment pointers & optimal weight distribution and many more aspects to keep our yoga practice delicious every day. You will leave this workshop renewed and with a more successful view on working your body on your yoga mat. All levels Welcome.