Have you ever wanted to try your first yoga class, but lacked the confidence to take that first step? Or have actually taken that first step only to find an absence of guidance needed to meet your beginning needs

When we decide to commit to that first yoga class, an attentive and skillful teacher is one of, if not the most necessary ingredients needed to cultivate a positive long lasting experience with our budding practice.

Join Now Yoga teachers as in an offering of foundational teaching towards building an asana practice from the ground up. This course will include 4 one hour and fifteen minute classes designed with the intention of developing a steady and growing understanding of how to work with the poses to support your own particular set of needs.

Of course you won’t be a yoga master by the end of the 4 weeks. However, you will have more confidence, knowledge and awareness to enter an open level class with enough poise to enjoy a safe, yet fulfilling yoga practice.

This is where it all begins.