What We Do + How We Do It

Set/Reset works with individuals and communities to support the integration of mindful, breath-centered movement into everyday life. We believe that the health and vitality of a community relies on the health and vitality of each individual, and that a robust environment for growth and learning must take this relationship into account in order to best serve all of its members.

We create responsive curricula; provide on-site and remote instruction, training, and mentorship; and offer modular materials. Our model is designed to be adaptive and sustainable, with an emphasis on helping collaborators develop confidence and familiarity with these tools and techniques.

Based out of Brooklyn, New York, we have worked with schools, organizations, and other nonprofits all over the United States. To date, Set/Reset has supported implementation of our programs in over 120 schools, reaching more than 71,500 students, educators, and guidance counselors. In addition to education-focused projects, Set/Reset has worked with the National Domestic Workers Association, as well as survivors of human trafficking in partnership with the LifeWay Network.

Who We Are

Set/Reset was founded by Eddie Stern, Barbara Verrochi, Melanie Parker, and Kelley Rourke in 2015, with significant research and development support from Denise Horveillur and Courtney McDowell. Our advisory board members are Workneh Getasew, Sharon Salzberg, Marshall Hagins, and Pastor NaRon Tillman.