Have you been curious about yoga but felt that perhaps you weren’t the “yoga” type. Have you wondered if yoga really is meant for someone with your curves or complexion? Would it be encouraging to see more representation of women of color in the yoga classes you already take?  Calling ALL Women Of Color (and those who identify as women) to join me for this Yoga for WOC workshop!  This workshop has been specifically designed with YOU in mind.  Learn to practice the FUNdementals of yoga in a safe space among women who intimately share your experience of what it means to be a WOC in this country.  Move gently, mindfully and practice a bit of self care. We will build strength, flexibility and most of all restore and heal the body together. ALL shapes welcome.  No yoga experience necessary, just come As You Are.

shevy turned to teaching yoga as a way of paying forward the jewels of the practice that has brought a wealth of creativity and joy to her life. her classes are about encouraging her students to be curious about themselves while they build strength and flexibility. shevy is a native new yorker and an actor who uses her skills as a performer to challenge students to be present throughout their practice.