newsletter archive: january 2020

Dear all,
Happy New Year, Happy New Decade. It’s a time of looking back, looking ahead, and trying to find some sense of presence and groundedness in the now.

The late Baba Ram Dass (whose life and teachings we’re focusing on throughout the month of January) taught us a lot about nowness. In a New York Times feature published this past September (aptly titled “Ram Dass Is Ready to Die”), Ram Dass explained his philosophy of “be here now” as: “in each moment, go into the moment. Our minds take us back and forth in time. I teach a moment…’Be here now’ gives people an opportunity to re-identify outside of their thinking-mind ego and into that thing that’s called the soul. It is the perspective from which we could live a life without being caught in so much fear. To re-identify there is to change your whole life.”
With love, 
Kristin + Barbara