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Creative Flow Practice with Annie and Kerry

Creative Flow Practice
with Annie Piper and Kerry Warren
Saturday, June 22, 2-4pm
In Studio at The Shala Ft. Greene

Deep breath, warm body, open heart: this Qigong (energy work) and yin yoga hybrid will help you map the energetic body, unpack holding patterns and down regulate the nervous system so you are ready to engage fully and fearlessly in your work. Expect to shake, sweat and feel things. This class will be an introduction workshop to qigong and deep dive focus on several standing postures and partner work.

On Mothers and Mothering with Violaine Huisman

“Our mothers always remain the strangest, craziest people we’ve ever met.” — Marguerite Duras

What is it about motherhood that feels so unhinged, so wild or downright crazy? Author of The Book of Mother, a fictional account of her mother’s bipolar disorder, Violaine holds space for an open discussion on having a challenging mother and becoming a mother.

The event is open to all: this is a great topic for anyone interested in the Mother archetype.
Having children or being a mother is not a requirement for attendance!

Saturday, May 18th, 12:00 to 1:30pm Sliding Scale Donation starting at $15

Donations go to Win providing safe housing and critical services to help homeless women and their children rebuild their lives and break the cycle of homelessness.

The Book of Mother, originally published in French under the title Fugitive parce que Reine, was translated around the world. It was longlisted for the International Booker Prize selected as one of The New York Times most notable books of 2021.
Books are available for sale at Greenlight Bookstore

Seeds of Peace: A Meditation and Art Making Session with Ashley Dorr

Ashley will lead a guided meditation, followed by an immersive creative experience to water seeds of peace in our hearts, communities, and the world. Materials will be provided, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Ft. Greene Park Conservancy’s stewardship of established trees in Ft. Greene Park.

All are welcome. No previous meditation or art making experience required.

Breathe-In with Annie Piper and Paul Wienfeld

The Breathe-In is back!

Join Annie Piper and Paul Weinfeld for an evening of slow calming movement, led meditation, and chai.

All proceeds will be donated to EVLovesNYC: striving for food security and for supporting all our neighbors in need with healthy and nutritious meals, so that they can thrive with dignity and self-respect.

A Sage of Steady Mind: How Knowledge Matures into Wisdom through the Teachings of the Bhagavad Gita

For centuries, the Bhagavad-gita has spoken to those with the inner notion that there must be more to life than the struggle for happiness through external objects of pleasure. Through a series of questions and answers the text lays out a path for elevating the way one can respond to the constant flow of change that characterizes the external world, and finding a steady, spiritual, inner peace. A central theme of the Bhagavad-gita is the hallmarks of the “sage of steady mind” and how that may be achieved through yoga.

In this course we’ll examine the above qualities and how, by the process of reflecting on the knowledge of the Gita in the course of life’s challenges, knowledge can mature into wisdom, a peaceful mind and transformation through deep absorption in meditation.

Kaustubha Das has a special way of making the teachings and practices of yoga very approachable and relevant. He serves as Senior Educator of The Bhakti Center in New York City and is the Co-host of the Wisdom of the Sages daily yoga podcast, which has been ranked #1 in the world on Apple Podcasts in the category of Religion & Spirituality. Between the ages of 21 and 34 he lived as a Vaishnava monk, traveling and studying in ashrams in India and America. He teaches bhakti-yoga philosophy and meditation, which he has practiced for over 30 years in the Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition.

Dream Workshop with Emily McDonnell

Join our friend Emily McDonnell for a three hour dreamwork class on The Shala.  In this class Emily will guide participants to make contact with a dream through a meditative drop in and somatic exploration. Emily will send a dream assignment and some writing prompts to those who sign up, along with more specific details on the class.
First class fee is $70. To inquire and reserve your spot please email
Class size is limited.

AtmaSphere with Dom and Connor

Atma means essence, soul or spirit. Sphere is an area of interest. In this Friday night jam, we will allow our body to be our guide towards the interests of our soul. In the AtmaSphere, your brain gets to take a break as your spirit takes up space. This will be an immersive experience with Dom guiding a steady vinyasa practice to a live ambient DJ set from Connor Finnerty. Class will culminate with deep rest.

Resonant Being with Domenick and Hue

Join yoga instructor Domenick and Reiki Master Hue for another offering of Resonant Being: a conscious gathering aimed at raising your vibratory state through an immersive practice that weaves together movement, energetic alignment, and sound healing.

Restorative Yoga and Sound Bath with Jenny + Yvonne

Join Jenny Campbell and Yvonne Ambree for a nourishing evening of restorative yoga paired with sound healing. and

Brahmaviharas with Kate Johnson Workshop

Join Buddhist meditation teacher Kate Johnson for the teachings of the Brahmaviharas: The Four Qualities of Love.
On Saturday, December 16: Friendship and Compassion
Sunday, December 17: Joy and Equanimity
Workshops will consist of dharma share and guided practice sessions. 

A Soft and Steady Heart: Compassion Meditation and Art Making Workshop

“Compassion (Karunā) is defined as the heart of love that is turned towards suffering.” In times of suffering, it is deeply beneficial that we find self-compassion and steadiness within our own hearts. Then we can keep our hearts open and offer compassion to the world around us. Please join us for a soothing afternoon of Self-Care, Mindfulness, and Compassion Meditation and Art Making. No art experience necessary!

Holiday Market at The Shala

Join us in the Studio for our first annual Holiday Market! Featuring goods and services from Shala Teachers, Hand Dyed Cashmere from Marea Clothing, Hand Blown Glass from Gayle Spannus, Plant Dyed Silk from Elemental Studio, Ceramics from Weather Report, Ayurvedic Chai Tea from Maria Rubinate, and much more. Gifts for All!

Winter Grounding: Restorative Yoga & Meditation with Omika

60 minutes of restorative (supported, longer-held) postures, a long, deep rest, and meditation to end your week. Open to all levels of practitioners.

Teacher Training 2024-2025

Teacher Training begins in October! Deepen your practice and learn how to teach with Shala Teachers and Special Guests. Scholarships are available – click the “sign up” link to learn more.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy with Sherry Russell

Sherry is a registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist (BCST). BCST is an energy- based practice that assists in the clearing of energy held within and around the body. Light therapeutic touch is applied strategically to create harmony and homeostasis throughout. Many imbalances may benefit from this therapy such as; individuals with stress, nervous disorders, metabolic issues, pain/injury, fascial related pattern/strains, long-covid, neuropathy/loss of body sensation, to name a few.
You can learn more and contact Sherry here
Short interview addressing some key questions about the practice here

Kristin Leigh at Sukha Yoga in Novato, CA

Our own Kristin Leigh will guest teach a vinyasa flow class at Sukha Yoga, in Marin County – Novato, CA, on Thursday, August 3rd at 9:30 AM PST/12:30 pm EST.

Join online or in person if you are in Marin!

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