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One Love Community Fridge Donation Class

The 501(c)3 nonprofit partners with farmers, community gardens, and others who share in its values to work toward a more sustainable and equitable world. 
“I’m a firm believer that small, consistent actions can lead to big changes,” Asmeret Berhe-Lumax.


A joyful evening of live devotional singing, including call and response with Shala teachers and live musicians.

Free, all are welcome, no kirtan or singing experience necessary!

Restorative Yoga and Soundbath

Restorative yoga is a calming and deeply healing system. This relaxing practice nourishes the nervous system by using yoga props to fully support the body in each pose. Experience relief from exhaustion, and tune in to physical and mental harmony by slowing down and giving your body and mind a chance to recharge. This class is suitable for all levels- anyone in need of a bit of self care.


Chill Out! It’s Warm Inside: 3 deep, restorative savasana (guided rest) sessions with Sherry Russell

Come chill out, reconnect and reclaim your inner peace in these deep, restorative savasana (guided rest) sessions.

Session 1: January 27: Embodiment | Exploring our inner landscape: viscera, bones, fascia and connective tissue.

Session 2: February 17: Balance | Exploring spheres within spheres of the body: chakra balancing, midline awareness.

Session 3: March 10th: Manifestation | Guided journey designed to enhance your inner glow: cleansing from the inside outward.

These energy-based practices are based on Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. Each session includes: 35 minute guided rest/meditation with follow-up share/q&a.
Sherry Russell is a registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist. BCST is an energy-based practice that focuses on the body’s inherent capacity to seek wellness. Through light touch, therapeutic and supported guidance, energies are restored and blockages harmonized in and around the body.To learn more visit
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Retreat in Costa Rica with Barbara + Kristin

Retreat in Costa Rica April 20-27, 2024
Join Barbara + Kristin for a seven days at
at Blue Spirit in Nosara, Costa Rica 

Daily Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, & Philosophy
Breakfast, lunch + dinner
Accommodations – double + single rooms between $2000 and $3800
$500 non refundable deposit to hold your spot.

Other activities
Surfing + Lessons
Horseback Riding
Reading + Relaxing
Turtle Refuge Tours
Waterfall Hikes
River Kayaking
Paddle Boarding
Ocean Kayaking
Bird-Watching Tour

Getting to Blue Spirit

Easily accessible from the United States and Canada. • Two international airports in Costa Rica: Guanacaste International Airport (LIR) and San Jose International Airport (SJO). • Recommended to fly into Liberia. • Shuttle transfers from/to Liberia cost $60 per person each way. Blue Spirit takes care of all the details regarding shuttle transfer of the participants. • An alternative option is take a 40 – minute short domestic flight between San Jose and the Nosara airport (20 min. from Blue Spirit).



Yoga Sutra Workshops with Maria Rubinate

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is a much revered text that presents the philosophy that underpins the practice of yoga. Whether new to the material or a returning reader, this priceless jewel continues to radiate wisdom for all practitioners. Classes will include chanting, philosophy and discussion.

Self, Not Self: How Identity, Intersectionality, and Interdependence Help Reveal Our True Nature with Kate Johnson

WHO ARE YOU, REALLY? When your mind becomes still, when your heart opens in love—who are you? Are you the beautifully unique combination of identities, characteristics, and experiences you were born with and shaped by in this lifetime? Are you something beyond, or in between, the seemingly separate conditions of the material world—an expression of primordial oneness, emptiness, and luminosity? According to the Buddha, you are both. And you are so much more. But don’t take his word for it.

Join Buddhist meditation teacher Kate Johnson for an experiential journey into the teachings of the Buddhadharma, and contemporary theories on identity and intersectionality, and walk away with your own understanding of who you really are, how we are all connected, and how Buddhist meditation can help us really know these things for ourselves. Each session will include dharma talks, meditation, partner work, journaling and quiet reflection, and restorative movement practices.

Anatomy with Joe Miller

In these sessions, Joe will explore the anatomy of individual body parts and look at how the anatomy can inform your practice, with a focus on a different group of asanas or other practices for each session. These workshops are suitable for students, teachers-in-training, and current teachers. Accessible and applicable for practitioners with or without prior knowledge of anatomy.

Singing Classes with Uncle

The singing, chanting, and harmonium-playing that you know and love from Shala classes is directly influenced by the teachings of Ustad Gulam Mohammed Mirashi, affectionately known as “Uncle.” He is the seventh generation of his vocal line, drawing from the Agra Gharana as well as regional influences from his native Rajasthan. All lessons include scale work, philosophy, and call-and-response singing.

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