newsletter archive: june 2019: late spring, early summer

Happy June!
As summer approaches and the days become longer and brighter, we begin to shed the many layers that kept us warm and dry throughout a long winter and a very wet spring.
Yoga philosophy regards the physical body as a big coat enveloping the subtler bodies, and as the vehicle of the soul on its way to enlightenment. We’ll spend these last weeks of spring and first bits of summer exploring how yoga helps us tap into the subtle bodies and sheaths that live beneath and beyond this big coat.

In his book One Simple Thing, Eddie Stern describes the bliss body as shining “through the other two [physical and subtle], but it becomes more and more dim as the outer bodies are thicker and grosser and allow less light to shine through, until we actively work on making ourselves more porous, less shell-like.”
We’ll also focus on restorative postures, as they lend themselves particularly well to contemplation and introspection.
We are super excited to have Tim Feldmann, a kind and gifted teacher, return to teach on the weekend of June 8-9. There’s still some space in the workshops, so please consider signing up and joining us!
Kristin + Barbara
P.S. One Simple Thing is for sale at the Shala shop in Union Square, as is Jocelyne Stern’s sumptuous Sadhu body oil. We are enjoying both!