newsletter archive: november 2019

Dear all,

Last month we learned so much from Kate Johnson’s workshops on cultivating a more diverse yoga community. Our aim as a studio is to make the Shala a welcoming and inclusive space for anyone and everyone interested in the practice of yoga.

Sit With It, a monthly meditation series starting on November 9, will offer an opportunity for practitioners to get together, meditate, and contemplate and discuss topics in the context of privilege and justice.

Our first Sit With It topic is joy. What is joy? What does it mean to feel joy in a world that’s falling apart? What is the relationship between joy and skillful action? Between joy and impermanence? How might we think of joy as a radical act?

We’ll explore joy (mudita) and the other brahmaviharas—loving-kindness (metta), compassion (karuna), and equanimity (upekkha)—throughout the month of November.

May you and yours be healthy, happy, and safe.

Barbara + Kristin