newsletter archive: october 2019

every month we issue a newsletter chock full of information about what’s happening at the shala. we know it’s easy for these missives to get lost in the inbox shuffle, so we’re building an archive of our letters to the shala community here. here’s the latest.

Dear all,

This month (October) we’ll focus on transitions.

As we learn again and again through this practice, the process of moving from one posture to the next is just as rich and meaningful as the time spent in the postures themselves.

How we get to and fro, the way we shift our awareness from moment to moment, the manner in which we show up in liminal spaces and times of change—these are aspects of yoga that have the potential to reverberate far beyond the mat.

In news of change at the Shala, we are delighted to welcome Jocelyne Stern to our Mysore teaching team. If you don’t already know Jocelyne, she is a kind and authentic yogi fortified by decades of dedicated practice and teaching. She was actually the person who gave us the idea to name the Shala “the Shala”—and that’s just one example of how she’s continually inspired us over the years.

Kristin + Barbara